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Assessment of Recovery & Reuse Activities for Industrial Waste Waters in Miscellaneous Sectors

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Abstract: At the beginning of the industrial revolution and rapid urbanization, it was thought that the nature has the power of hide the increasing pollution forever or have the capacity of an endless treatment. However, over time the whole ecosystem is negatively affected by environmental pollution, activities for understanding, identifying, emerging issues, and finding solutions to take measures have gained tremendous importance. Therefore, if we can provide the right usage of water and soil resources and consider the balance of ecosystems within the limits of their usages and protect them, 'sustainability' can also be secured. Protecting water resources in a sustainable way is the only way to reclaim and reuse waste water. Re-using of waste water reduces fresh water resources consumption and both the environmental impact of treated waste water that is discharged can be minimized.
In this study, the literature research was performed for different sectors such as metal, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, chemicals industries, in terms of water consumption, processwater quality, waste water sources, treatment, reuse of waste water and focused on re-use alternatives. As a result, when designing plants, their production dynamics must be taken into account and evaluated. In addition, similar studies should be conducted to select the most economical treatment and reuse option for different industrial wastewater.
Keywords: Industrial waste water, Process water, Re-use/Recycling/Recovery, Water consumption.


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